Ribbing Images

Ribbing is a very common reversible material that is used for objects that require high horizontal elasticity, such as hats, cuffs, etc. Ribbing is also used for garments or design elements (scarves, etc.) where rolling might be disadvantageous.

Typically, ribbing is created by alternating knit and purl stitches, such that the result is sections of opposite-facing Stockinette stitch, however other stitch patterns can be used (for example, Mock cables are not uncommon in decorative ribbing). Typically, this kind of ribbing is referred to as "Knit N, Purl M Ribbing", where "N" and "M" are some number. For example, the image above depicts "Knit 2, Purl 2 Ribbing".

Ribbing can be worked over any number of stitches, though typically it's done over some multiple of N×M.

In the roundEdit

Ribbing stitch
1. *kN, pM, repeat from *

Worked flatEdit

Ribbing stitch
1. *kN, pM, repeat from *
2. *kM, pN, repeat from *

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