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This is a wiki for all things knitting. If you're unfamiliar with the craft, you can start off by learning How to Knit. After you're more comfortable, take a look down the other more advanced options in the "How to Knit" section below. For the experienced, try posting your favorite knitting patterns (that aren't copyrighted!), tips, and techniques! Or look up pattern ideas for your next project in the "What to Knit" section below. Got something to say? Be bold! Post a new article or add to an existing one. Join the Community, and Get Your Knit On! Happy Knitting!

Knitting Blogs

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  • XD1

    Live Blogs

    June 29, 2011 by XD1

    Knit Wiki blogs are now live on the mainpage!

    Share your:

    • favorite patterns or styles
    • tips for beginners
    • favorite knitting blogs or resources
    • knit art ideas …
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