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Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks is a book written by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, published in 2006. It contains a mixture of knitting philosophy and anecdotes with "recipes" and patterns for knitting basic projects, along with other useful information, such as how to flame-test your yarn to determine its contents.

"Recipes" in Knitting Rules Edit

  • Scarf Rescue Hat (A short scarf sewn into hat form)
  • No-Pattern Hat (Knit in the round)
  • A Good, Plain Sock
  • The Starting Place Scarf
  • Thinking in Another Direction (Scarf #2, with the cast-on being the long edge)
  • The Middle Ground (Scarf #3, with decorated edges)
  • Circular Shawl: Method 1
  • Circular Shawl: Method 2
  • Circular Shawl: method 3
  • Decreasing Triangular Shawl
  • Increasing Triangular Shawl
  • Three Square Shawl Methods