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Folk Solks by Nancy Bush provides detailed information about the history of Sock and stocking knitting, several Heel and Toe variations, and general notes on sock design. It also features a number of patterns inspired by historical socks.

Patterns in Folk Socks Edit

  • Stockings with Clocks
  • Norwegian Stockings
  • Mamluke Socks
  • Greek Socks
  • Chausettes de Dentelle
  • Welsh Country Stockings
  • Finnish Socks
  • Merike's Socks
  • Latvian Socks
  • Highland Scottische Kilt Hose
  • Chalet Socks
  • Estonian Socks
  • Lithuanian Amber Socks
  • Shetland Socks
  • St. Peter Port Stripes
  • Country Socks
  • Ukrainian Sock
  • Flammegarn Socks


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