Condo Stitch

This is a reversible garter stitch. Work this the same as a garter stitch, with knitting every row, with one exception: the first row is knit on appropriately-sized needles, and the second row is knit on much larger needles.

For example, if doing this stitch with worsted weight yarn, the first row would be done using size 8 US (5.0 mm) needles, and the second could be done using size 35 US (19 mm) needles.

When knitting, pull gently on the stitches to even them out.

This can be worked with any number of stitches.

CO any number with smaller needles. Knit one row. With larger needles, knit one row. Continue to knit every row, alternating needle sizes.

Worked flatEdit

Condo stitch
1. Using smaller needles, c/o stitches.
2. k across.
3. Using larger needles, k across.
4. Continue in this vein, with smaller needles for odd rows and larger needles for even rows.

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