Pattern AbbreviationsEdit

alt → Alternate
approx → Approximately
beg → Beginning
bet → Between
BOBind off
CA → Color "A"
CB → Color "B"
CC → Contrasting Color
COCast on
dec → Decrease/Decreases/Decreasing
fl → Front Loops
foll → Follow/Follows/Following
inc → Increase/Increases/Increasing
k2togKnit 2 Together
kwise → Knitwise
lp(s) → Loop(s)
M1 → Make 1
MC → Main Color
PPurl stitch
p2tog → Purl 2 Together
pm → Place Marker
pop → Popcorn stitch
psso → Pass Slipped Stitch Over
pwise → Purlwise
SSKSlip, slip, knit (Left slant decrease)
St → Stitch
St stStockinette stitch
YO → Yarn Over

Tool AbbreviationsEdit

cn → Cable needle
dpn → Double Pointed Needle
wpi → wraps per inch

Fun AbbreviationsEdit

FO → Finished Object
LH → Left Hand
LYS → Local Yarn Shop
UFO → Unfinished Object
WIP → Work in Progress

External Links Edit

Yarn Standards Abbreviations

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